Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I'm one of those...

I dream about my work, especially about pieces/projects challenging me at the time of the dreaming. There's been a lot of dreaming lately, accelerated by the printmaking class
es I've been taking.
I'll take this as a good sign, whereas there was a time when I thought that making prints would never engage me in any way other than a superficial one. There are still aspects of the medium (such as making books and some of the "craftier" processes that go on-namely "magic" papers and pattern-making scissors, etc.) that I find without great merit. Maybe some of this feeling is because I am still so anchored in 3D work and, more recently, painting. I have pulled off (pardon the pun) some painterly prints of late which have left me more satisfied than other attempts.
Interestingly, I noticed that I've no concept/desire to sell any of this work. Perhaps this will come with time when I feel a bit more sure of myself with the medium. Sadly, I've only used my press for about six or seven impressions….but I think when I'm not going to school 2X a week, this will change.

I titled this painting Napadora, a play on the name Pandora…

Saturday, June 28, 2014

A minor note

Would I have remembered that today was the anniversary of the beginning of the "Great War", the "War to End All Wars", if not for the prompting of the media?
It's doubtful.
Thinking on the fact that many born recently have never even heard of this huge conflict and what it meant/means to us, many other (forgotten) conflicts come to mind.
Vietnam, the conflict fought during my "time", will be forgotten as will all that we fight for (?) presently. More football games but with more casualties and tears. And we keep marching, don't we?

This must be a tough time-  i'm thinking once again of getting a tattoo-specifically an alchemical symbol (can U guess which one?)…
Dreamed this week of getting a letter (yes, a real letter) from an old (pissed- off at moi) friend. This was composed of collaged photos, much like a visual ransom note…
Dreamed last night of seeing two running bears…wtf? After making sure the dogs were in the house,  I gaped in wonder at the two big black bodies.

Feeling so goddamn alone, which I guess has been a mainstay in my life. but somehow this is so painful right now.

I read in Robt. Genn's letters this week that some people's creativity is possibly driven by anger-the fact that this could be me really threw me. Dunno if it's true, but that word-possibly-had the effect of stopping me mid-thought….and then waiting for the sharp cut of the gutting knife. OK, that bit of drama never came, but I still wonder about the effect of this thought of the genesis of my creative drive.

I'll post this here sculpture (can't remember the title) as it seems relevant to these written thoughts.

Saturday, June 7, 2014


(channeling Kurt Vonnegut)
This is part of what I've learned so far.

We are pilgrims, here to take a journey and to learn from the road. hopefully, we will keep enough tread on our feet to make the trip.

The art I make is made better when it is passed on, whether in trade, as gifts, or as the teaching of technique. I heard a guitar player this morning (he wrote a very catchy rock song in the 80's and now manages Phillip Glass) say that when he was young,  it was about becoming a rock star. Now, after reaching his 60th birthday, it's about playing playing playing. I get it.

It would be nice (or maybe it'd be a blessing with sharp teeth) to be famous or sell a lot. But it's really (really!) not everything.

Guess I should shut up when people ask me about my art. My constant reply has been, "It's a blessing and a curse". I'm damn lucky and, yes, blessed. Thanks to whoever and/or whatever gave me this great gift.

I took a shot of two of my best friends below. You will notice that the left one is a bit shakier!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

alligraphic moi

Most suddenly, I find myself using a calligraphic pen-swashed and inked lines all over the place (well, mostly on the pages of one of my sketchbooks). It's really interesting and informative (that may not be quite the right word) to copy and draw gibberish just to make some pretty looking letters. I like the discipline of the drawing of these letters and the idea right in front of me, is an objective: drawing letters with a wrong and a right way of execution in real old-fashioned black and white.
Had a greg inspired day in the studio yesterday, with ideas flying around the room like wayward birds (I used to have those and bats that lost their way in my NJ studio-very difficult to catch, BTW).
I started a wheeled pc, either for the ZiPP gallery show or for a collector friend who is coming out in August. Have in mind also a 5 or 6-tiered tower of varying small arcs/rounds that will each hold a king inside, with orange slats making up the wall of each tier…
Pulled my first print off my new press-i like it quite a bit, but feel it's only a start…
Laura was down yesterday trying her hand at putting the dog heads I've designed to sell at shows together. This is not an easy place to start, involving small mailings and cutting tin with a metal shears. I hope that the learning curve does not get to her and also that she enjoys the work enough to continue. I could use some help with these, as i know they are an easy "seller".
Started a painting of a head that will incorporate two sets of teeth (these are literally nailed to the "canvas") and will hopefully go from there…lots of stuff started!

Here's a shot of the intaglio plate I just printed.